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Meredith Easy Shiner Blast Fishing Lures

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Brand Name: MEREDITH
Category: LURE
Model Number: JXS01
Type: Artificial Bait
Weight: 0.88g/1.65g/2.4g/4.8g
Length: 50mm 65mm 75mm 100mm
Feature: Soft lure
Material: Quality soft material
colors: 16 colors
Position: Ocean Rock Fshing

MEREDITH Easy Shiner Features:
1:Natural swimming action
2:Specific plastic densities for better balance and action
3:Custom MEREDITH 2-tone color process
4:Add squid scent by yourself

MEREDITH Easy Shiner Product Details:
Material:premium PVC
Length:50mm Weight: 0.88g(0.03oz) 10pcs/lot
Length:65mm Weight: 1.52 (0.053oz) 10pcs/lot
Length:75mm Weight: 2.4g(0.084oz) 10pcs/lot
Length:100mm Weight: 4.8g(0.17oz) 10pcs/lot
Water Type:both for freshwater & saltwater