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Hickory and Oak Rocking Chair 3 piece set - Read Description!

Regular price $2,650.00 USD
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Handmade Hickory and Oak Rocking chair set made by a local Amish Community. These are extremely comfortable and curve to the shape of your body! The Amish have hundreds of years in experience hand making furniture just like this. They even cut their own Hickory and Oak trees to create these beautifully handcrafted chairs. These are the best quality there is and have a finishing coat meant to last for years to come. Enjoy these outdoor rocking chairs and transform your home or space into an amazingly unique experience! 

When placing an order these are built at the time of the order and may take 1-4 months to make and ship depending on conditions. 

For longest lasting quality reapply clear gloss urethane annually. 

2 Hickory and Oak Rocking Chairs
1 Hickory and Oak End Table