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The GrizzleGetter

Flesh a pile of fur in no time. This speed fleshing blade is designed to slice the meat and tuff stuff off a beaver hide. No more pushing and shoving. The angle of the blade allows it to ride on the leather while giving you serious control to slice off meat and fat without cutting the hide. Tired of back breaking work and less than desirable fleshing job? Now you can flesh with ease and precision. High carbon steel, handmade, razor-sharp, also great on otter tails, coon necks and deer hides. The Grizzle Getter will have you fleshing faster, better.

$45 Retail

Only available through Tomahawk Outdoors!

TheĀ TrappinHawk

The original was found 70 years ago in a 1750’s fortified house in Virginia. Made from 6150 heat treated steel. Weighing 1lb., with a straight grain hickory handle makes this axe perfect for the belt or pack basket. Hand forging draws and packs the edge, making a flatter, sharper edge, resulting in the best hand axe I have ever used. Cut and peel stakes, chop kindling, split breast bones, and hammer home your adventures outdoors. Authentic performance and excellent quality.

$50 Retail

Only available through Tomahawk Outdoors!

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